2014 Voter Guide

On Tuesday North Carolinians will go to the poll to vote. Across the nation, many eyes will be focused on the $100 million Senatorial contest between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis.

It’s time we educated our schoolmates on this critical election! We’re going to make a voter guide to the candidates. In a group of up to three:

Work on a pro-Hagan, pro-Tillis, or on a non-partisan voter guide.

You could:
List reasons to vote for a candidate
List people who support the candidate
Post ads for your candidate
Post editorials for your candidate
You could post positions on important issues like Climate change, foreign policy, voting rights, etc.

Make it on paper or make it online

Research other actual voter guides for these candidate. Here’s some…

Equality voter guide:

Christian voter guide:


Nonpartisan election guide:

Project Vote Smart:

We’ll hand out/forward this guide to students on Monday.

I need a rough draft of your work by the end of class today.

And don’t forget, although most of you can’t vote, you can find a college student or teacher to go and cast a ballot for you!

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