AP GoPo Schedule

Unit 1 - The Constitution
Day Topic Assignment Due
1 Introduction Wear clothes to class
2 Political Definitions. Definitions
3 Social Contract Social Contract Reading
4 Democracy Democracy’s Good Name
5 Freedom House Democracy Journal Review
6 Making the Constitution Making the Constitution
7 Checking & Balancing with James Madison Court Case Rubric: Marbury v Madison
8 Federalism Federalism terms
9 Federalism Journal Review & Case Study Federalism Journal Review & Readings
10 Geography of Federalism Geography of Federalism
11 Democracy Rocks Project Democracy Rocks Project
12 Test Review & FRQ Workshop Test Review Sheet
13 Test 1 All tests and reviews
14 Fishbowl: Legalization of Drugs? Make a post about the fishbowl topic
Unit 2 - Political Culture
Day Topic Assignment Due
15 Political Culture Intro
16 Ideology Day Watch the Moral Mind
17 Ideology Project Day Ideology Project
18 Bowling Alone Day 1 Bowling Alone Reading
19 Bowling Alone Day 2 Causes of Declining Social Capital
20 Bowling Together Bowling Together
21 Bowling Alone Projects Bowling Alone Project
22 Political Landscape None
23 Diversity Diversity
24 Test Review Day Test Review Sheet
25 Test All tests and reviews
Unit 3 - Political Process
Day Topic Assignment Due
26 Introduction to Interest Groups
27 Interest Group Terms Interest Group Terms
28 Campaign Finance Reform Interest Group Journal Review
29 Money in Politics Chart Class Campaign Finance Reform Proposal
30 Interest Group Project Class Interest Group Project
31 Political Parties Introduction Major US Political Parties Chart
32 Realigning Elections Realigning Elections
33 How Do We Vote? How do we vote?
34 Minor Parties Minor Parties
35 Political Opinion Public Opinion Poll
36 Opinion, Voting, and Participation Public Knowledge Quiz
37 Elections Leadership
38 Campaigns Presidential Campaign Advisor
39 Media Introduction Media Log
40 Media and Politics Media Consolidation
41 Media and Elections The Living Room Candidate
42 Unit 3 Test All tests and reviews
Unit 4 - Part 1 - Congress
Day Topic Assignment Due
43 Introduction to Congress
44 Functions of Congress The Functions of Congress
45 Congress Terms Congress Terms
46 Congress Role-Play Congress Chart and Congress Role-Play
47 Congressional Committees Congressional Committee Questions
48 Congress Project Congress Project
49 Voting in Congress Voting in Congress
50 Reapportionment & Redistricting Reapportionment & Redistricting
51 Congress FRQ Scramble Test Review
52 Review Day Congress Journal Review
53 Congress Test Congress Test
All tests and reviews
Unit 4 - Part 2 - Presidency
Day Topic Assignment Due
54 Introduction to Presidency
55 Executive Orders and term limits Presidential Requirements
56 Presidential Collage Executive Orders
57 Evolution of Presidential Power Presidential Collage
58 Presidential journal Review Day Presidential Journal Review
59 War Powers Resolution Day Work on Project
60 Presidential Readings Jigsaw Presidential Readings
61 Presidential vs Parliamentary Systems US Wars and Military Actions
62 Presidential Approval Divided Government
63 West Wing West Wing Teams
64 Presidential Power
65 Presidency versus Congress Project Presidency versus Congress Project
66 Review Day Test Review
67 Presidency Test Presidency Test
All tests and reviews
Unit 4 - Part 3 - Judiciary
Day Topic Assignment Due
68 Introduction to the Judiciary Come to class ready to learn, learn, learn!
69 Alexander Hamilton & Federalist No. 78 Alexander Hamilton & Federalist No. 78
70 Federal Justice Simulation Federal Justice Simulation +
Autonomous Learning Teams Source List
71 Supreme Court Introduction Supreme Court Terms
72 Judicial Philosophy Write: are you a judicial conservative or judicial activist and why?
Autonomous Learning Teams Story Board
73 Judiciary Journal Review Round Robin
Autonomous Learning Teamwork
Judiciary Journal Review
74 Autonomous Learning Teams Autonomous Learning Teams Sharing
75 Judicial Selection Judicial Action Sharing
76 Supreme Court Case Project Day 1 Landmark Supreme Court Case Project
77 Supreme Court Case Project Day 2
Review Day
All tests and reviews
Unit 4 - Part 4 - Bureaucracy
Day Topic Assignment Due
78 Introduction to Bureaucracy Come to class ready to learn, learn, learn!
79 Bureaucracy Terms Bureaucracy Terms
80 Bureaucracy Organization Department Vital Statistics
81 Making Policy Making Policy
82 Regulators Regulators
83 Bureaucracy Journal Review Bureaucracy Journal Review
84 Bureaucracy Accountability Bureaucracy Accountability
85 Locked in the Cabinet Locked in the Cabinet - 2015
86 Bureaucracy Project Bureaucracy Project
87 Review Day* All tests and reviews
Unit 5 - Public Policy
Day Topic Assignment Due
88 Introduction to Policy Come to class ready to learn, learn, learn! Dress sharp!
89 Policy Theory Elite and Pluralist Policy Making Models
90 IOUSA Start work on Policy Making Storyboard Project
91 IOUSA Teams Debt Chart
92 DIY Public Policy Charts Complete IOUSA Teams
93 Economic Policy FRQ Round robin DIY Policy Infographic
94 Inequality *beans FRQ + Answer to Economics Compelling Question
95 Budgetary Process *computers Inequality Assignment – choice of 1
96 Social Policy Introduction Social Policy Journal Review
97 Social Policy Think Tanks Social Policy Think Tanks
98 Foreign and Military Policy Foreign Policy/Military Policy Assignment
99 Foreign Aid *beans Policy Review Sheet
100 Policy Fishbowl Immigration Fishbowl Post
101 Policy Project & Policy Review Immigration Editorial & Policy Making Storyboard Project
102 Test* All tests and reviews
Unit 6 - Civil Rights & Liberties
Day Topic Assignment Due
103 Introduction to civil liberties Come to class ready to learn, learn, learn! Dress sharp!
104 Selective Incorporation Student 1st Amendment gallery images
105 Freedom of/from Religions Selective Incorporation
106 Freedom of/from Religions Cases Freedom of Religion Cases
107 Freedom of/from Speech Dos and Don’ts Infographic
108 Freedom of Press & Assembly Free Speech Cases
109 First Amendment Finale Creative Time
110 Student Rights Student Rights
111 Due Process Prepare for Fishbowl
112 Privacy Rights Government Powers Quiz
113 Death Penalty Fishbowl Death Penalty Fishbowl Post
114 Citizenship Death Penalty Editorial
115 American Inequality Citizenship test results
116 Civil Rights American Inequality
117 Review Day* All tests and reviews

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