April 14

Hi. I'm Mr. Milner. I'll be your teacher this year. We're gonna laugh a little, we're gonna cry a little.
Charles M. Blow, NY Times op-ed columnist asks if the US is a nation of cowards?

  1. Go to our dagum civil liberty lab and read through at least 5 different student civil liberty labs.
  2. Thursday is our last day to study race in America. We will end our race unit with a dagum fishbowl/discussion/debate on Affirmative action on Thursday. Follow this link to prepare your thoughts on affirmative action for Thursday. Here's a link to the video we watched in class: A class dvided
  3. We are starting a new project on human rights. Figure our who you want to work with, follow this link to the project, sign up for a topic, and begin your work. Our project is due on Monday, April 27.

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