April 7

Our civil liberties lab is due on Friday. This Thursday will be our civil liberties lab work day.

We've been talking about what we can do for the environment. An easy way to help is to register to volunteer for Earth Day
If you register to volunteer at the Earth Day Fair I'll give you 1 point extra credit on your final exam.

1-What is race? Go to the PBS website and surf around for at least 12 minutes as you construct a definition of race.
2-Go to Project Implicit, register, and take the demo test on race. After you finish this test you may take any other test you like.
Be prepared to discuss the test in class.
3-In the South throughout much of the 20th century, African-Americans were forced to take a "literacy" test to be able to vote. Now it's your turn. Complete at least 25 questions of the Alabama Literacy test and be prepared to discuss your scores in class.
4-Read the article from the Wall Street Journal on raceand here is another good article on race and being a teenager in the US.
5-Here's what you must do by the end of class today. Go to the race discussion thread below and post a substantive (one paragraph minimum) comment on race. In your comment include your definition of race and how race effects the US today. PUT YOUR NAME AND CLASS PERIOD ON YOUR POST. THIS IS YOUR GRADE FOR TODAY.

Homework due Thursday
At the bottom of this page is a pdf attachment (whitepriv.pdf) of an article by Peggy McIntosh that I want you to open and read. It is a list of privileges that come with race. I want you to look at the list of 26 privileges and determine which of them are true for you. Bring your list of the privileges you have to class on Thursday so that we can discuss this with your colleagues.

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