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Who benefits from tax cuts?

Obama won't order ban on discrimination against gays from federal contractors

The Ballerina and the Boxer

Politics Update: The Most and Least Lucrative Committees in Congress

Is a baby conceived after dad's death a "survivor"?

Florida's new restrictive voter laws
Immigrant Detention is no holiday

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538 Blog

America's Aversion to taxes

Poverty Infographic
major rulings 2012 SCOTUS
Most Americans: Popular vote > Electoral College
Summer Links

Partners In Health - the world's best health partnership led by Paul Farmer. You can read about him in Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains.
Kiva - loans can change lives
Pee Poo - not everyone has a tolilet
Heifer International
- we bought a goat!
TED - just watch!
There's hope

...and there's lots you can do...

The life you can save pledge

CQ Press simulations for 2012-2013

Interactive Graphic of Gay Rights State By State
Same sex marriage not supported in most swing states

Psychology Of Fraud: Why Good People Do Bad Things. Listen to this fascinating story about fraud.

President Obama's 2012 budget

Obama's Presidential Reelection Playlist!

Same-Sex Marriage Updates:
Washington State Poised to Allow Same-Sex Marriage
Court: CA Proposition 8 which bans same-sex marriage is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
Marriage Equality

Free Willy?
The US Constitution isn't as popular as it once was - Graphic

Don't use that song, Mr. Politician! Art and Politics and Stephen Colbert.

Republican Delegate Counts

Goodnight Democracy

Goodnight Democracy

Romney, Obama, & Gingrich Tax Return Comparison

We're about to study the presidency and then we'll study freedom of religion. This article brings both topics together.

Top Wage Earners in the US

State of the Union Address

United States versus Jones

Newest Romney Attack Ad

New Congressional Action on SOPA and PIPA

Listen to this NPR Report on SOPA

SOPA and PIPA web shutdown

Everything is a remix

Why do we let super white, super employed, and super married states have way more power in deciding the president?

$$$$ makes the 2012 Election go round!
How Obama can win in 2012
Congressional Approval reaches record low

You can make predictions about the presidential election at INTRADE.
Latest Republican Presidential Campaign Poll Numbers
Republican Candidates Versus Obama Poll Data
Inequality Charts - hubba, hubba
A guide to giving money to politicians
The Money Race for President!

Visualizing Economics - Holler!

Itching for extra credit?
Watch and review any film from the following
Write a one page review of the film then show us a short clip of your film and present your review to class (5 minutes).
Include the following in your review.
  1. Summarize the film.
  2. Explain the film's connection to politics.
  3. Explain how true to life and realistic the film is of politics.
  4. Explain what you learned about politics from this film.
  5. Explain whether your colleagues should watch this film.

Trayvon Martin
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Sign the Petition to arrest the killer of Trayvon Martin
Here is a really informative interactive feature regarding details of the night Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman
There's a lot going on in the Trayvon Martin. Race, guns, lawmaking, and lest we forget, privatization. Check out this amazing essay on The Gated Community Mentality.
Bloggers Cherry-Pick from Social Media to Cast Trayvon Martin as a menace
Video shows Man Who Shot Trayvon Martin Arriving at Police Station
The fatal flaw in Florida's Stand Your Ground Law
Florida's Disastrous Self-Defense Law
Listen to this Diane Rehm story on the law behind the murder of Trayvon Martin - judge for yourself. Did this man just have his nose broken, clothes bloodied?
Trayvon Martin and the "talk" Black parents have with their teenage sons.
Echoes of the Fugitive Slave Act
911 Tapes released in killing in Florida
Room for Debate: Stand Your Ground Law
Editorial: Bad Gun Laws
2nd Amendment
Make a picture of yourself in a hoodie your facebook profile picture.
Why did it take so long to learn about Trayvon Martin?
NBA players weigh in on Trayvon Martin case