Building Social Capital

Here's a list of 150 ways to build social capital.

through the list and fill in at least two blanks at the end of the list.
Highlight the three things that would be the easiest things to do to build social capital.
Star the three things that would be the best things to do build social capital.
Think of how this list could translate to UNCSA…

Propose a specific project to increase social capital at UNCSA
Name of social capital building project:

Short description of your project:

Who would be involved in the project (e.g., this class, student government, PLs, Deans):

List three goals of your social capital building project:

Describe how you would measure the success of your project:

Outline your project timeline:

Outline your project costs:

Share your list and proposals with a group of three.
Your group should agree on a project that would increase social capital at UNCSA.
Teams share their best social capital project with class and chose the best for extra credit.

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