Campaigns and Elections and Media Test Review

Our test will cover Chapter 9-Campaigns + Elections, and 10-The Media.
The test will include 35-40 multiple choice questions and 1 free response question.

Answer these questions
1. Why might a candidate do well in a primary election, but not in a general election?
2. Why do incumbents win reelection at such high numbers?
3. Why do Americans hate Congress but love their congressional representatives?
4. What are some consequences of low voter turnout on primaries?
5. List the fixed terms of office in the US.
6. What did the 17th and 22nd Amendments do?
7. What is a lame duck?
8. What are the main problems with our electoral system?
9. What are the main advantages of high incumbent reelection rates in elections?
10. Describe changes in the primary election system in America.
11. How has the media changed since 1800?
12. What role does the media have on influencing opinion?
13. What is the funniest thing that happened in class this year?
14. What are some factors that limit the power of the media to shape public opinions?
15. What is America’s main media source?
16. How did the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 reform money in politics?
17. What impact does the media have on campaigns and elections?
18. What effect does the media have on the government, elections, and public option?
19. What influence does the media have on elections?
20. How important is a vice-presidential nomination?
21. In what ways are American elections undemocratic?
22. How has media consolidation affected the media?
23. Are negative campaign ads effective?
24. How many hours of television does the average American watch a day?
25. What are four factors that limit the influence of the media on public opinion?
26. What is the difference between political socialization and selective perception?

Know the rules of the game
Institution # Terms Term Limits Incumbent Reelection Rate
• House 435 2 (all elected each 2 years) No 98%
• Senate 100 6 (1/3 elected each 2 years) No 92%
• President 1 4 (total of 8 years*) 2 66% (since 1968)

Terms to Know

  1. winner-take-all system
  2. single-member district
  3. proportional representation
  4. electoral college
  5. safe seat
  6. coattail effect
  7. candidate appeal
  8. national tide
  9. name recognition
  10. franking
  11. caucus
  12. national party convention
  13. FEC
  14. soft money
  15. hard money
  16. BCRA
  17. issue advocacy
  18. 527 organizations
  19. independent expenditures
  20. mass media
  21. news media
  22. political socialization
  23. selective exposure
  24. selective perception
  25. horse race

FRQ Practice
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