Civics and Economics Test 1 Review

Our first test will cover all the material we have read & discussed so far in class. There will be between 35 and 50 multiple choice and matching questions and a few open ended, shortish answer questions. There are things we have talked about in class that are not in the chapters and which could be on the test. To review, complete this sheet, read chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & review your notes.

Complete the following assessments and activities in your textbook to review
Chapter 1 on pages 24 and 25
Chapter 2 on pages 60 and 61
Chapter 3 on pages 84 and 85
Chapter 4 on pages 110 and 111

Make sure you can define the following terms
Government Country Politics Democracy
Representative democracy Majority rule Planking!! Articles of Confederation
Separation of Powers Patriotism Bicameral Checks and balances
Legislature Constitution Chicken Connecticut
Bill of Rights Amendment Constitution Anti-federalists
Constitution Constitutional convention Judicial branch Smoothen the lion
Legislative branch Executive branch Federalists Socialism
Three-fifths Compromise Electoral college Bill of Rights Democratization
Federalism Amendment Separation of powers DOMA
Popular sovereignty Phat Commerce Clause Full Faith & Credit Clause
Liberalism Conservatism Shay’s rebellion Social Capital
Left Right Anarchism Equality of opportunity
Libertarianism Demographics Diversity Tootle the horn with vigor

Answer these questions
1. List the main disagreements between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists:
2. Make a chart of the checks and balances of our branches of government.
3. List the three most important liberties preserved by the Bill of Rights?
4. What would the Framers think of our political system today?
5. List three advantages of federalism.
6. What does the commerce clause have to do with federalism?
7. What are the main disagreements between liberals and conservatives in the US?
8. What is the biggest dividing line in the US today?
9. List three reasons you should not be smoothen the lion?
10. How are DOMA and the Full-Faith and Credit Clause oppositional?
11. What is your favorite color?
12. List three demographic ways the US is different today from 50 years ago.

Test will be up to 35 multiple choice and matching questions and a few short answer questions.

You will be responsible for the following topics
Political Philosophy
Political Culture
Political Landscape
Political Landscape Part ii

Make sure you know about the following information
Freedom House Map of Freedom
Amending the Constitution

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