Civil Rights Part ii

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Our AP Exam is on May 12.
Go ahead and take a look at your
AP Exam Review and your

General AP Review

Institutions of Government Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

2004 FRQs
Link to the rubric for the 2004 FRQs

Tuesday Supreme Court issues a 5-4 ruling on the right to effective counsel in a plea Bargain
USA Dream Act.
What are the requirements for Naturalization?
How hard is it to get a green card?
Here is a citizenship self test you can take

History of Civil Rights

Wednesday Civil Rights
What do Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics think about each other?

Evolution of Whiteness
Passing Strange Review
A Class Divided
Project Implicit
Affirmative Action
Thursday Public Policy Introduction

Public Policy FRQ round robin
  1. You will be in a team of four or five.
  2. You will receive a packet of AP GoPo Free Response Questions and answers.
  3. Look at the questions. Don't look at the answers!
  4. I will assign you a question to answer. You will have 15 minutes.
  5. Your team will write a rubric to answer the question you are assigned.
  6. You will teach your question and answer to the class.
  7. You will listen to other groups teach their questions and answers to class.
1999 Question #4 Answer
2002 Question #2 Answer
2006 Question #2 Answer
2006 Question #3 Answer
2008 Question #3 Answer
Take the IAT just for fun
Read Federalist #10
Friday Play Budget Game
National Debt Clock
Eonomic Policy
Cost of War Counter
Trade Offs-National Priorities Project
Tax Counter
The Deficit, Real versus Imagined
Wallstats - US Interactive Budget

Make a Debt fourfold and fill it in as we watch IOUSA

Social Policy - Health Care Costs
Social Policy - health care outcomes
12% of US births are preterm, putting us on par with
Kenya, Turkey, Thailand, East Timor and Honduras.

Foreign Aid
New 2011 Foreign Aid Numbers

State of the World Atlas
Take a look at the number of casualties in the War in Afghanistan and check out The Cost of War Counter and Trade Offs-National Priorities Project

Foreign Policy Choices
Foreign Policy Choices Debate
Future Five Template

Turn in Foreign Policy Choices Debate sheet at end of class.

Final Jeopardy

Last look at your
AP Exam Review
FRQ Review
Work until you solve the deficit in the
then print out and turn in your budget or click on "share your link" and email me the link to your budget

#2 Practice AP Exam due for extra credit
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We will NOT have a Multiple Choice and FRQ test, but if we did it would be on...
Chapter 15, Civil Liberties
and Chapter 16, Civil Rights (with questions about Landmark Supreme Court Cases and readings)

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