Civil Rights Part iii

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Review for Test
What do Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics think about each other?

Evolution of Whiteness
Passing Strange Review
A Class Divided
Project Implicit
Affirmative Action
Take the race test at Project Implicit and be prepared to talk about your results in class
Tuesday Multiple Choice and FRQ on
Chapter 15, Civil Liberties
and Chapter 16, Civil Rights (with questions about Landmark Supreme Court Cases and readings)

Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Public Policy Introduction
Assign Public Policy Project - due on 5/2

Friday Our AP Exam is on May 14.
Go ahead and take a look at your
AP Exam Review

Since I'm out today, I've changed a couple of dates.

Go ahead and w
ork on your
Public Policy Project - due on 5/3

Chapter 17, Public Policy; Chapter 18, Economic Policy; Chapter 19, Social Policy; and Chapter 20, Foreign Policy
Multiple Choice test and FRQ on 5/9

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