Civil Rights

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday The Freedom of Speech
Westboro Baptist gets a new neighbor

Freedom of the Press Around the World
Freedom of Wiki Leaks?
Some Landmark Supreme Court Speech Cases
Freedom of Speech in School

Some recent First Amendment cases include:
Bong Hits For Jesus
Westboro Baptist Church

Justices Void Law Banning Videos of Cruelty to Animals
Read: The Story Behind Lawrence v Texas. It will be on the test.

Tuesday Freedom of Press and Assembly
Civil Liberties du jour
Civil Liberties Quiz
Freedom of the Press Around the World
Creative Time
Rights of Privacy
Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Rights of Privacy
Due Process
Government Powers
Learn more about affirmative action
Learn more about capital punishment
Read A Lawsuit's Unusual Question: Who Is A Man? It will be on the test.
Friday Due Process Charts AP Morning Class
Strip-Searches For Any Offense
TLO v New Jersey set up certain rules regarding student rights of search and seizure at schools. You are the superintendent of the Winston-Salem schools. Based on the precedent set by TLO, write a memo to your school principals about what they can and can not do regarding search and seizure at school.
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Multiple Choice and FRQ on
Chapter 15, Civil Liberties
and Chapter 16, Civil Rights (with questions about Landmark Supreme Court Cases and readings) on Tuesday 4/23!!!!