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114th Congress

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Position Salary (2010)
Rank and File Member of House or Senate* $174,000
House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders $193,400
Speaker of the House $223,500
VPOTUS $227,300
POTUS $400,000

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114th US House of Representatives
Current US Senators

114th Congress House Senate
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Term Lengths

Election Frequency

Incumbent Reelection % (from latest election)

Age Requirement

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Citizenship requirements

Name of Speaker of the House
Name of Majority Leader

Name of Minority Leader

Name of Majority Whips

# of Democrats

# of Republicans

# of Women

# of Non-Whites

# of Non-Christians

*Every member in the House and the Senate gets an allotment (called a Members Representational Allowance in the House) which they can use to hire and pay staff, buy office supplies, lease office space in their home state or district, mail official documents, answer mail, travel back and forth between Washington and their home, and generally try to serve their constituents. The amount each office gets is based on a formula, but generally it's around $1 million. There are limits on how many people you can hire (18 permanent, 4 part time) and on how much you can pay people (max is $151,000). It varies from member to member, but most offices spend the most on staff salaries, then mail, then office rent, travel, supplies, etc. Members are expressly prohibited from using their taxpayer-financed office money for campaign activities, personal expenses, or primarily social activities. Members also can't accept support from private sources for their official duties (except for travel).

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