Congress Jigsaw

Sit with the congressional committee of your choice

· In ten minutes, complete the assignment below that corresponds to your team number.
· When I ring the bell we will begin our rotation.
· Half of your team will stay at your team’s table to explain what you have learned to others. The other half of your team will visit the team with the next higher number (One comes
after four.)

· The mobile members of each team will stay at each team table for approximately five minutes until I ring the bell.

When teams come to your team’s table you should
1) Share what you’ve learned with your classmates
Then, if there is time, the travelling team members should share their work with you.

When you travel to other teams’ tables you should
1) Write down the highlights of the other team’s learning.

When you return to your home base, share the material you have learned with your team.
You are all responsible for all the material covered today.

Team One
Make a chart of the top five most important powers of congress with a graphic for each.
Answer: If you were the president and wanted to weaken Congress, what Congressional power would you first destroy?

Team Two
How do you vote?
When legislators vote they must consider all of the following.

· Their own Policy and philosophical convictions
· Voters – attentive public, donors
· Colleagues – state delegations - log rolling (vote trading and aid)
· Party
· Interest Groups
· Media
· President
· Sponge Bob

Rank these considerations in order of importance to legislators and explain how much you think members of Congress are ultimately beholden to the people. Use the example of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to explain how members of Congress vote. Also explain if members of the House and the Senate have different considerations when deciding how to vote.

Team Three
Explain which is more powerful: the House or the Senate.
Explain whether you would rather be a Senator or a member of the House.
Make a graphic explaining your answer to both questions

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