Congress Law Charts

Your team’s first job is to write down one bill that you think might actually have a pretty good chance of becoming a law.

You don’t need to write it out in official law language, just make sure it is about one or two sentences long.

Your next job is to get you bill through the house and the senate and eventually signed into law.

Make a chart or some kind of graphic organizer clearly laying out the entire path your bill takes on the way to becoming a law.

Use at least 12 of the following terms
· Speaker of the house
· Senate majority and minority leaders
· Rules committee
· Whip
· Filibuster
· Cloture
· Open rule or closed rule
· Floor debate
· Committee hearing
· Rider
· Amendments
· Committee
· Subcommittee
· Conference committee

Answer the following
Is it easy for a bill to become a law?
What kind of bills are most likely to become law?
Is that good?

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