Congress Unit Part iii

Assignment Due
Monday Congress Test Review Sheet - Test is on Friday
Congress Terms
Work on Congress Project - due on Thursday
Midterm Elections
Historical Examples of Differences Between House and Senate
Trustees And Delegates
Congress Jigsaw
Post about our fishbowl topic on the following page
Tuesday Watch the State of the Union Address for Extra Credit on Congress Project!
Fishbowl - DRUGS

Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Olive You Oil
Congress Voting
Reapportionment and Redistricting

Congressional Reapportionment
Reapportionment and Redistricting
Fair Vote - Redistricting and play redistricting roulette
Play The Redistricting Game
Congress Project
Friday Bitcoins
Fishbowl Prep - make a post about your topic by Monday
Fishbowl - Euthanasia
Fishbowl - Freedom of Speech

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Spring Schedule
Fishbowl - Euthanasia
Fishbowl - Freedom of Speech

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