Congress Project

  1. Work by yourself or in a team of up to three.
  2. Make a graphic representation of how a bill becomes a law.
  3. You will be graded on accuracy and production
  4. You may use an actual bill or you may make up your own realistic bill.
  5. Illustrate the course of your bill as it passes through the House and the Senate and is eventually signed into law by the president.


  • Large Poster board
  • Triptych - tri fold poster
  • Powerpoint
  • Webpage
Half of your grade will be based on production values (how it looks)

Make a chart or graphic organizer clearly laying out the entire path your bill takes on the way to becoming a law.

Use at least 16 of the following terms
  1. Speaker of the house
  2. Senate majority leader
  3. Rules committee
  4. Whip
  5. Filibuster
  6. Cloture
  7. Hopper
  8. Calendar
  9. Open rule or closed rule
  10. Floor debate
  11. Mark up
  12. Reported out
  13. Committee hearing
  14. Rider
  15. Amendments
  16. Committee
  17. Subcommittee
  18. Conference committee
  19. Bill signing
Half of your grade will be based on accuracy

Here is a long but accurate interactive description of how a bill becomes a law.

Below are some examples of charts showing a bill becoming a law

How a bill becomes a law

US Legislative Process Flow Chart

The Game of LIFE and DEATH of a Bill
PDF - Higher Quality
Here's a nice student video about how a bill becomes a law.

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