Congress Role Play Bill

As the second stage of our role-play we are going to do two things considering bills.

1)Create and propose your own bill about something that you personally care about. It can be about anything!
This should help you understand how to introduce and submit a bill.
You don't have to put your bill in official congressional language, just write up a straightforward one or two sentence summary of your bill and bring it to class. Also, be prepared to tell us what committee your bill would be referred to.

2)Last year the US Congress passed the Health Care Reform Act which is officially called H.R.3590 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Here is the official Congressional information on this bill. But here is a short overview of the bill that is really all you need to understand it.
Here is the textbook version of how a bill becomes a law
How a bill becomes a law
Here is the actual process this bill took to become law.

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