Congress Unit

Assignment Due
Monday Congress
Congress Introduction
Congress Demographics

Congress Chart


Congressional Approval Ratings
Powers of Congress
Historical Examples of Differences Between House and Senate
Congress Chart
Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Present Congress Terms
Assign Congress Project - due on 1/23

Friday Congress Role Play Bill
Debt Project
Congress Journal Review due on 1/22
Congress Role-Play
Fall Schedule
Next week's schedule

Spring Schedule
Congress Journal Review due on 1/22
Congress Project - Due on 1/23

Mountains Beyond Mountains Pacing Guide

Pages to completeDateAssignment due
Chapter 1 page 81/10Mountains Beyond Mountains Reading Guide
Part 1 Page 451/18Haiti Data Sheet
Bring computers to class
Part 2 Page 1231/25Below are four Paul Farmer interviews. Watch/Listen to any one of them & write five thoughtful questions you would ask Paul Farmer.
Charlie Rose Interviews Paul Farmer
Paul Farmer on Democracy Now
Paul Farmer on NPR's Fresh Air
Paul Farmer on KQED
Parts 3 and 4 page 2392/1Fishbowl
Part 5 and afterward page 3012/8

Mountains Beyond Mountains Project due 2/11
Mountains Beyond Mountains Day
Paul Farmer
Haiti and The US Compared - this is due at the end of class

You should have read through part one and completed the Haiti Data Sheet
Bring computers to class