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Smartphones are now the #1 platform in US, beating TV!

Supreme Court Ruling Upholds Prayer in Town Hall Meetings

What animal kills the most humans?

Survey says,,,The US is NOT a Democracy, but an oligarchy! Concise version. Read more.

Helmet Laws
Senatorial Courtesy
Bye Bye National Party Campaign contribution spending limits!

McCutcheon v FEC explained
Should we tolerate Intolerance?

Yes Dorothy, it is legal to discriminate against gays in the workplace in the US.

Editorial Writing Contest

Watch the State of the Union Address for Extra Credit!

MiMi Says: 'sup Congress?

Global Debt Clock
Group sues for Nonhuman Rights
In god we trust, in others, maybe...
Online news continues to climb

Youth Overdrawn!
Obama Pardons Turkey!

The Changing American Family
Micahel Pollan's Food Rules

Big change to filibuster rules
Switzerland considers paying people for being alive.

How equal are US schools?
Who owns what you eat

Media Consolidation 2011

Infographic - Counterintuitive ways to be a successful Person
Kirsten K is amazing!!!!

Same Sex Marriage Laws in US
Same Sex Marriage Law in NC

US Map of same sex marriage
World Map of Same Sex Marriage

Living less longer


We're Open
Economic fallout from shutdown

The Myth of the Medical Device Tax

What you see is what you...


Who is on the bills?
Who is on the coins?
Where's George?
Interactive $100 Bill

INFOGRAPHIC New $100 Bills
New $100 Bill

My BF is BF
$100 Bill, yo

Government Shut Down Graphic: Who goes to work? Who stays home?
A government shutdown by the numbers video.

Social Capital Rap

American Views on Intervention in Syria
Should we go to war with Syria?

Letter of Recommendation Form

Do you like your generation?


What if the US was democratic?

The Amazing Georgia Evans makes a video about what the US would be like without the First Amendment

Jennifer Xiao is my shero

Court Hears arguments about same-sex-marriage
Chart of How the court could rule on same-sex-marriage
Oral Arguments on Same-Sex-Marriage in US v Windsor

Short Documentary on Medical Marijuana
Drones for America
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Via Afghanistan

Breaking News: 6 Walmart heirs have same wealth as 42% of America.

Here's an article about small states and their outsized political clout and here's a graphic about The small state advantage
Passenger Screening System Raises Privacy Issues

The Great Gerrymander of 2012

Here's a really great student prezi on how a bill becomes a law.

A six minute film about public defenders in the US Criminal Justice system

New findings on the U.S. and Mortality.
Here's a link to what we pay to get these mortality rates.

Second Amendment

Same Sex Marriage in US after 2012 Election

Obama Wins Reelection: Exit Polls tell the story
Good graphic of how Obama won
Big Board Election Results

512 Paths to the White House
11 Excellent Reasons Not To Vote?
A Campaign Map Morphed By Money

Take this electoral college quiz

Voter turnout data for the US

How racist are we when we vote? Ask Google.
Who will win the 2012 election? Ask Google!

Youth Vote

Confused about Super PACs? Try a 501 (c)(4).


What is Medicare?

Comparing the candidates on Medicare
Fact-checking the VP debate about Medicare

Morning Civics and Economics Voter Guide! - yo! Go to our twitter feed and follow us!
Afternoon Civics and Economics Voter Guide!

Class Dismissed

How do you compare to your parents?

Greatest Political Ad Ever

A double whammy for your generation: Cutbacks and the Fate of the Young

Who's Paying for the President? Infographic

Jobless Rate at 7.8%: Lowest since January 2009

CPB is only %00.012 of the federal budget (that's not a typo!)


Teaching with debates from NYT
Fact Check
Famous Presidential Debates Video
Debate Scorecard
You can vote for your favorite debate moment

Let them eat votes!
Who doesn't have voting ID

State By State Student Voting Guide
Serious Economic Infographic
Good Election Guide
Early Voting Video!

Use Your Political Knowledge to win $500

New Interactive Polling Data
Slideshow of September Polling Data
The Gender Gap may reach an all time high this election

Here's the 2012 Presidential Debate Schedule. The first debate is on Wednesday, October 3.

The Forbes 400

How the heck can a voter be undecided?
How Religious Is Your State?
Interactive Constitution
Foreign Policy Voters: The 5%

This is the Worst Congress Ever - less popular than Hugo Chavez or BP

I Heart Moocher States...

Election 2012
Block the Vote!

The Gregory Brothers for President!
Uh-Oh: Romney Talk Leaked To Press - What do you think?
Here's the break down on the 47%

How do the 47% Vote?
Obama vs. Romney: Where the candidates stand on Gay Issues
History of DNC
DNC word cloud
Guide to the Democratic Herd

Just in: Interesting Data to help us predict the 2012 Presidential Winner
Just in: Swing State Polls
Republican Party Platforms Then and Now
Republican Party Convention Word Cloud
Federal Court Rules Against Texas Voter ID Law listen to NPR story about Texas and here's an NPR story about a ruling on restrictive voter laws in Florida
Who are the Republicans?
Should we have elections?
Why not just flip a coin?

Should Google Block access to video denigrating Islam?
Freedom of the Internet: In China you get this outside of China you get this

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