A Primer on Darfur

The Devil Came on Horseback

Darfur in the news
In 2005 the three network nightly newscasts aired a meager total of 26 minutes on the bloodshed in Darfur, according to the Tyndall Report, which monitors network news.
ABC devoted just 18 minutes to Darfur, NBC five and CBS three. By contrast, Martha Stewart's legal woes received 130 minutes, five times as much.

Newspapers don't do a whole lot better. In the last two years, here are the numbers of stories mentioning Darfur that appeared on their pages of the following papers.

Here are the results
Dallas Morning News - 40
News & Observer - 43
Kansas City Star - 156
Orlando Sentinel - 146
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 15

In comparison, here are the results of a search for the number of stories that mentioned Martha Stewart during the same time period
Dallas Morning News - 226
News & Observer - 125
Kansas City Star - 385
Orlando Sentinel - 404
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 134

On average, these five papers have run 80 stories mentioning Darfur in the last two years and 240 mentioning Martha Stewart.

You can see how much Darfur was in this year's news if you look at this infographic on The Biggest News of 2009

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