Do It To It

For Real!

Do the following...

1)Make your own real interest group

Think of an issue you actually care about: the environment, arts funding, education, climate change, freedom of speech, gun control, foreign relations.
  • For example...
Students for more money in arts education
Students to save the Environment
Youth for Campaign Reform
Acting for Homeless
Students to free the sea monkeys

The interest group could be silly and funny, but why not actually make a true real-life interest group and make the world a better place? It's not so hard.
After all, interest groups start small with a great idea that germinates and turns into an honest to goodness interest group. Amnesty International started in a small apartment with some folks saying, "we should really do something about those political prisoners." Greenpeace started over lunch with some friends saying, "we should do something to stop illegal whaling!" And they did.

This is just a start. The best ideas, acted on by the people with the most energy, will grow. The sky is the limit.

  • Use actual interest groups as models for a good presence.
Click on some of these links to real interest groups to see how the big boys do it and then make your own interest group.

Form a special interest group to advance your interests. Follow the parameters laid out by the book to create your very own interest group. Complete & present in class.

Interest group profile Tell us who you are:

1-Interest Group name and acronym:

2-Interest Group founding members names:



Be as specific as possible.

Interest Groups employ the following methods to achieve their goals:

1-Litigation (propose a lawsuit you could bring on behalf of your interest):

2-Election activities (describe how you could try to persuade politicians: lobbying, Campaign contributions, grassroots mobilization, advertisement):

3-Publicity & Mass Media appeal (make an ad):
Your ad can be an independent expenditure or an issue ad. Look online and watch a couple of effective independent expenditures or issue ads to see what kind of ads are effective then make your own advertisment. Put your ad on You Tube and show it.

Here is a real issue ad. Do a little research on an issue you care about, and then make an ad for newsprint, radio, or video or even make a huge banner and hang it up where tons of people can see it. Make sure you photograph the banner before it gets torn down.
This is probably the funniest issue ad I've ever seen. It's by Ryan Dodge who is studying issue ads at Juliard.

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Work alone or in groups of up to five. Turn in your work by _____________________.

Good Luck! In Bocca Lupo!