Executive Branch Test Review Sheet

You will have a test on the executive branch. There will be approximately 25 multiple choice questions and two short answer questions.
Questions will cover class discussions, terms or ideas we have gotten out of our class textbook set, any information and material on the class website, such as (Executive Orders, Presidential Collage), and any other readings since the last test. There will be at least three questions about Mountains Beyond Mountains.
Although the test will focus on the president, make sure you understand how presidents relate to Congress.

Here are some questions you should be able to answer...

The Presidency
1. What are the powers given to the president in the Constitution?
2. Describe the people who help the president make decisions and execute the laws of the United States.
3. What are the functions of the white house staff?
4. Does the White House Staff get elected by voters or just confirmed by congress?
5. What is the difference between and executive order and a law?
6. What is the maximum number of terms a president can serve?
7. List the four most important posts in the cabinet and the people who currently serve there.
8. What is the name of the Presidential limo and what are some of its sweet gadgets?
9. List the first five people in the presidential line of succession:
10. Explain which of the many jobs of the president is the most important:
11. Define the role of the following people, who they are, and what the constitution says about them:
• Vice President
• First Lady
• Cabinet
• Executive office of the President
• White house staff
12. What are the presidential requirements?

Define the following
1. Veto
2. Commander in Chief
3. Diplomat in chief
4. White House Staff
5. White House Chief of Staff/Gatekeeper
7. Impeachment
8. State of the Union address
9. Executive order
10. Presidential Succession
11. "The Presidential football"
12. "The Beast"

Short Answer Practice
1. Explain whether the organization of the Executive office and the presidency help the presidents become effective leaders.?

2. Discuss the impact of public opinion and the media on the president?

3. Analyze the role of the president in the legislative process. (What is the relationship between the president and Congress?)

4. List some of the appointments presidents get to make and explain which one you think is the most important.

5. Make a diagram of the powers of the legislative, and executive branches. Which branch has the most power?

6. Identify the most frequently cited three best presidents ever. What are some characteristics and historical similarities that the greatest presidents ever shared?

7. If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning. If you had a hammer, what would you do with it? If you had a lion, what would you do with it?

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