This year you are going to become an expert on a certain topic; health care, technology, the environment, immigration, globalization, China, food. You are going to know more about this topic than anybody else in class!

Try to pick a topic you are really interested in.

As we study politics, civics and economics this year different areas this year your expertise will help us learn more about the topics we study; interest groups, elections, media, public policy, civil rights. For example, as our class expert on the environment, when we study the media, I would expect you to be able to know, or find out, how the media reports on the environment. As the class expert on technology, I would expect you to be able to tell us how technology has changed the way elections work.

Click over to your class page and sign up to be an expert. You will be responsible for reporting back to our class every few weeks on your area of expertise.

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