February 17

Civics and Advanced Civics students only!
Do the following things today:

1. Statistics. Read a list of the fattest countries in the world at Nation Master. Find another interesting statistic at Nation Master, and on the stats thread below cut and paste a few numbers from your statistic, post a link to your statistic, and a comment on your statistic. Then post a comment on one of your classmates' statistics on the stats thread. Whoot!

2. Visit Death and Taxes and surf around the site to answer the following questions by Thursday:
a. What is the most surprising data you found on this web page?
b. What is the most disappointing thing about this data?
c. What three things would you change about these numbers?
d. Compare the relative value of art and defense (your opinion) and the relative spending on art and defense (actual numbers).

3. Write a Journal review on the President by Thursday

4. Contact your representative about funding for the art$ by Thursday. Write them a short e-mail explaining your position on arts funding. Turn in a copy of what you wrote your representative, by Thursday.

Please combine parts 2, 3, and 4 of the above assignment onto one sheet, print it out, and hand it in by the start of class on Thursday.
Please do NOT e-mail this assignment to me.

5. Complete our branches of government project by winter term exam day

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