Federalism Part II

Assignment Due
MondayJames Madison Raps

Federalism Terms - due Tuesday 9/9
Federalism Journal Review due Thursday 9/11
Test 1 on Friday 9/19
Here's an interactive Constitution. Know the major powers of each of the branches of government.
James Madison Raps

TuesdayMaking the ConstitutionFederalism Terms

Read: Supreme Court Set to Rule on Medicinal Marijuana

Having trouble finding and article for your journal review? Here is an article you could read for our federalism journal review Court Upholds Oregon Suicide Law
WednesdayArts WednesdayRead The Framers Versus The Tea Party
and read The Case Of The Poisoned Paramour
There may be a question about these readings on the test
ThursdaySeparation of Powers and Checks and Balances
Interactive Constitution\

Here is a test review sheet for the test
Here is a mini practice test for chapters 3, 2, & 1
Here's the information you'll need to know about Gibbons v Ogden
Federalism Journal Review
FridayAmending the ConstitutionAmending the Constitution
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