Fishbowl Euthanasia

You voted and the results are in. We are going to have our next fishbowl about Euthanasia.
1)Work by yourself to research our topic and make a substantive, illuminating, data-rich, fact-filled post. Take a moment to read through your colleagues' posts.
Make a thoughtful comment or ask an insightful question in our classroom fishbowl.
a post-debate Editorial about the topic. Here's how you write an Editorial and here's the rubric (PDF) I will use to grade your editorial.

As you research, check out these sites:
Pro/Con - Euthanasia
Here's a NY Times page that aggregates lots of stories and articles on Euthanasia.
Here's a 5 minute documentary video about a medical ethicist struggling with end of life issues for her own husband.

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