Fishbowl Rules

Quick Overview
We are going to have our first fishbowl about _______________________.
1)Research. Work by yourself to research our topic and make a substantive, illuminating, data-rich, fact-filled post (in class or online). Read through your colleagues' posts.
Make a thoughtful comment or ask an insightful question in our fishbowl.
a post-debate Editorial about the topic.

Fishbowl Rules

· Write down your opinion about the topic.
· Research the topic.
· List, copy, and find information, facts and data about the topic.
· Write down your opinion (it may have changed) based on the facts you have found.
· Write down two questions for opponents of your position.
· Share information. Make a post online or bring a piece of evidence in to class.

· Fill in the top portion of the Fishbowl Observation Sheet
· Facilitator (me) will state the question and guide the fishbowl, trying NOT to speak.
· Every student must speak in the fishbowl.
· Every student will take notes on the fishbowl observation sheet during the fishbowl.
· One portion of the class will sit in the fishbowl (middle) and will discuss their topic, state their opinion, ask questions.
· Speak. Everyone in the middle must talk before the conversation is complete.
· People on the outside will observe and take notes. They may NOT speak to the people in the middle. They may only listen.
· People on the outside will "tag in" when they are ready to replace someone on the inside. They may not tag someone out until they have had a chance to speak.
· We will continue our fishbowl until we have sufficiently covered the topic and every student has had a chance to speak.
· Students will fill in the fishbowl observation sheet during the fishbowl and turn it in.
· Write. Write an editorial on the topic. You will receive a rubric that will guide you in your writing.

You will be graded on:
· 1/3 Research
· 1/3 Fishbowl Comments
· 1/3 Editorial

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