Foreign Policy Choices

Today we are going to think about US foreign policy.

We will hear arguments in class about whether the US should pursue multilateralism (engage in international cooperation) or unilateralism
(go it alone). This article on multilateralism versus unilateralism may help us understand these terms better.

Let's do some research to get us started thinking about US foreign policy.
First we’ll visit a really cool web site from the Choices Program at Brown University where we will take part in the poll about foreign policy. Then we will read the following four futures for US policy and decide which one is the best. These four choices will be our starting point for a class discussion and debate on foreign policy.

On Friday we will get in groups to argue about the four futures of American foreign policy. You will argue for the future that you are given in class on Thursday.
Review your future and be prepared to explain it thoroughly and convincingly. You will be expected to share information for your colleagues to complete the foreign policy choices debate sheet. Go ahead and fill in your future's section of the sheet before class begins.

#1 Lead the World to Democracy
#2 Protect U.S. Global Interests
#3 Build a More Cooperative World
#4 Protect the U.S. Homeland