Globalization Project

Globalization China


You may work by yourself or in a team.

Deadline: ____________________.

Make a creative multimedia investigation of the power of Globalization in your world.

Tell the story of globalization in your life.

Your project may focus on any aspect of globalization. Here are some suggestions of project topics:
  • A day in my life without globalization
  • Globalization in my sport or art.
  • Globalization in the food I eat
  • Globalization in the students at school
  • Globalization in my town or city.
  • Globalization at school
  • The dark side of globalization
  • The positive side of globalization


Show it
Video, audio, web site, wiki, blog, poster, performance, visual art, Prezi, podcast. No PowerPoint!!!!

Share your project and then tell us what you learned about globalization and yourself. Then answer your classmates’ and teacher’s questions about your project.