Globalization Pros and Cons

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More international Interaction and involvement. -Teddy Wilson
we'll be able to deal with poverty and unemployment as a whole- Elise Sherron
Increase global standard of living. - Seth Acenas

More cultures develop bonds, allowing more to relate to each other
which increases social capital ;) - Andrew O'Donnell
Having the opportunity to bond with other nationalities. -Sophie Chevallier
Cultures understand each other better, so less war, hatred, and misunderstanding. - Myra Snyder
The opportunity for different cultures to feed off one another is arisen-Sean Mulligan

Evolution of technology- Lia Ehrlich

Spreading of potentially good ideas. Communication.~ Molly Rogers
With globalization, there is a global market for companies to trade their products and a wider range of options for people, to choose from among the products of different nations.

Everybody is equal.-Samir Gangwani
No racism problems!!!!-Trevor Sheppard

Cultural intermingling. Each country is learning more about other cultures. -Shea McAdoo
Communication would would progress. There for when faced with problems people could work together for the greater good. -Sarah Margaret
More Easily Understandings-Samivel Evans
Greater diversity - Hugh Jass
Better medical research. Cailin Murphy
Easier to connect with other countries-Maura Shawn
Makes culture richer- Danielle Green
Opens up other opportunities with other countries.- Logan Ling
Will help the whole world deal with crises like unemployment and poverty. Savannah Singletary
More products and opportunities. Lauren Campbell
Heightens the amount of education for generations to come. -Will Dixon
More places to travel and explore new ideas- Kira Kaplan
Individuals can share their ideas with people around the world who would otherwise be impossible to reach- Drake Duff
Globalization is bringing a lot of people together from different countries such as sharing products from different countries-bringing us together more and more. Katrina Dowling
Global competition and international trade keep prices reasonable. -Brodie Wray
We are growing together as a population to reach bigger and better things. -shelby finnie
Increased knowledge of other cultures and spread of information -Sofie Schreiber
The world will seem smaller and we can connect and enjoy other people along with their cultures. - Whitney Burkes

I can enjoy something created in Japan, like a Nintendo. Alex Sadosky
~It would be easier to be in contact with people in other countries. ~Abby Cockrell begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting
-It creates a worldwide market with high competition rates among companies, leading to low prices (and low chance of inflation) -Erica Sloan
For people there is a easier access to products of different countries. -Sam Griffin
rebecca- Now there is a worldwide market for the companies and for the people there is more access to products of different countries

The international relationships build foundations for trade.
- Zoe Warshaw

It brings different cultures together.
-Synthia Green

There is money flowing steadily into developing countries, so the dollar difference is decreasing. -Sarah Atkinson

The world is more unified. - Tyler Sandborn

None. - Josh Hall
Local and small business will be decreased along with non-technological businesses. -Teddy Wilson
globalization could lead to disease! -Elise Sherron
No more heritage!!!!-Trevor Sheppard
exploitation of peoples- Lia Ehrlich
Big countries taking control of smaller countries - Seth Acenas
Due to government initiatives and law, such a NAFTA, it is more beneficial for companies to send jobs over seas because they have to pay less for wages and get incentives from other countries. However this leave people at home jobless and unable to get other jobs because they do not possess the skills needed for the high paced w
orld. - Libby

There is immense pressure on the employed Americans who are always under the threat of the business being outsourced.

No More Individuality. -Samir Gangwani
There is less individuality in the world- Andrew O'Donnell
Increase in human trafficking. -Sophie Chevallier
People are not connecting with each other face to face, and therefore not fully establishing trust.- Myra Snyder
The pace of the world is increasing too rapidly-Sean Mulligan
Poorer countries are being exploited by richer ones. -Shea McAdoo
Loss of culture diversity-Samivel Evans
Attacks local culture - Hugh Jass
There would be a loss of individualism due to the combining of cultures. -Sarah Margaret
Not as many small business-Maura Shawn
Clash of beliefs and individuality. Cailin Murphy
Creates unsustainable growth- Danielle Green
Makes all people more the same. - Logan Ling
the threat of corporates ruling the world because there is a lot of power vested in them by globalization. Savannah Singletary
Less diversity throughout the World. Lauren Campbell
It's possible that there could be too much information being created and processed; we could be headed to an overload of information. -Will Dixon
Too much competition- Kira Kaplan
It can easily become too uniform- Drake Duffer
the monotony would cause 1 country to reign over the others, and the cultures of the "lesser" countries would be lost -Chandler Spoon
It's happening to fast! SO fast that we don't have control over it. -Shelby Finnie
~If globalization occurs too quickly, wars and disputes could occur due to different beliefs and views. ~Abby Cockrell begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting
-Due to the connections created by globalization, companies are outsourcing jobs to Asian countries where labor is cheaper, putting a strain on European and American workers. -Erica Sloan
The general complaint about Globalization is that it is making the rich richer and making the non-rich poorer.
-Sam Griffin
When change is forced, it is not always accepted and can lead to conflict. -Brodie Wray
Killing uniqneness of microcultures -Sofie Schreiber
rebecca- It is true that Europeans are losing jobs and that is posing a problem for them since the companies are outsourcing work to the Asian countries since the cost of labor is low and profits the company considerably

There is immense pressure on the employed Europeans who are always under the threat of the business being outsourced -Isaiah Bindel

There isn’t an even amount of exporting and importing.
- Zoe Warshaw

The cultures may not always mix well.
-Synthia Green

May lead to communicable diseases -Sarah Atkinson

Destruction of interesting cutures and diversity. Molly Rogers

Sometimes we lose the ability to practice our beliefs and ideals depending on what is being globalized. - Tyler Sandborn

There is always a race to see who is number one. - Josh Hall


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