Haiti Packing List

Remember, everything you pack must fit into your luggage. You’ll be able to check through one large bag and carry on two small bags. See airlines for exact weight and size limits.

Tooth brush & tooth paste

Toiletries in 3 oz. or smaller bottles

1 pair shoes

1 pair sandals that can get wet

Bathing suit


Quick dry clothes (don't bring lots of changes of clothes. Just bring two or three combinations you can wash and dry quickly)

Snacks - Cliff Bars/a jar of peanut butter/protein bars (something to eat when you can't take another meal of tilapia)

Metal or hard plastic Water bottle – no need to bring filters or iodine tablets

Passport and Passport holder (passports take six weeks to process)

Earplugs or eye mask if you are a light sleeper

Sun screen

Bug spray


Bug bite lotion

Sun glasses

Umbrella and/or raincoat

Games and cards – dominos, Connect Four, Uno, Battleship - things to play with the kids that you don't mind leaving in Haiti. Remember, the kids don’t speak English.

Arts & crafts

Journal and pens

Small bills in US dollars (I've never seen an ATM or credit card machine in Haiti)
We can change money in the Miami airport. You won’t need much money in Haiti.

Google Translate app loaded on phone.

There are three computers and one iPad with wifi at Zanmi Beni. You can Skype or e-mail, but bandwidth and times are limited. Calling the US is expensive and difficult.

Cell phone/camera

Electronics charger – standard US plugs work there, you won’t need an adapter

Supplies and materials for your project

Donations for kids. Wish list below (remember, it has to fit in your baggage):
Diapers: XX large (adults large/ATTENDS underwear)
Toothpaste/toothbrush (kids/young adults)
Shampoos/conditioners (kids/adults)
Soap ( DOVE bars are preferred as we have lots of kids with skin problems)
Body lotion/moisturizers
Towels: bath/wash cloths (different colors)
Balls: soccer, basketball
Soccer goal nets: full size
Swimming pool: kiddie blow up pools
Swim diapers: S, M
Water hose: expandable
Cups: toddlers plastic
Toys: educational (blocks, large/jumbo crayons, paper, drawing pads)


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