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Landmark Health Care Reform Bill Passes

I've got good news and I've got bad news. While you were out, health Care reform became a reality.
Here is the president's executive order on federal money for abortions.
Here is a graphic and an analysis of how health care reform would affect you.
Here is what happens immediately.
Here is who voted how on the bill.
Here are some thoughts about the political consequences of the bill.
Here is the story of economic inequality that this bill fights by taking from the rich to give health care to the poor.

Health Care costs much more in the US than it does in other countries according to these charts. And here's a Washington Post article by Ezra Klein that distills the numbers for you!

Closing of Dialysis Unit Hits Illegal Immigrants Hard

NY Times Articles
Swiss Health Care Thrives Without the Public Option
Nicholas Kristof thinks Health Care is a moral issue
He also writes about the comparison of spending on health care and war in
TRADE-OFFS - Health care or Afghanistan?

What is the public option?

And here is a really interesting NPR podcast about the public option!

And finally, here is a last little primer on the public option.

Health Care Satire

Sick and Poor in America
Grady Hospital in Atlanta is about to close with disastrous results.

The Healing of America

There is an interesting new book
The Healing of America by T.R. Reid about health care around the world.
You can read a wonderful excerpt from the book entitled, No Country For Sick Men.
You can also hear a Newsweek podcast interview and an NPR
interview where T.R. Reid discusses global health care.

Are you Covered?
Everyone should have the same choices as federal workers

Swiss Cheese Insurance
What about the underinsured?

Here is a look at the difference in health care costs in different states
Here is another good map of health care costs in the US
A great interactive graphic that will guide you through the congressional process of making health care legislation.

The New York Times' health care reform page is a huge compendium of articles on health care reform and links to sites with data and opinions about health care reform.
Health Care Reform Blog
Conservatives for Health Care Reform
Liberals for Health Care Reform

Nicholas Kristof writes about the sad results when Americans don't have health insurance
John Tierney has a different view about why our health outcomes are so much worse than other nations. He doesn't blame it on the health care system
Slovenia versus the US in health care. Who's gonna' win?


Here is the full version of Sick Around The World
Here is the full version of Sick Around America

Below is a clip from Sick around the world

You Lie

Pro health care reform ads

Anti health care reform ads

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