Human Rights Unit

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Human Rights Definition
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Translations
Human Rights Project due for Final Exam
Material World

Tuesday Work on Human Rights Scenarios
The State of the World Atlas
This is the link to our 2014 Human Rights Wiki
Human Rights Fishbowl on April 28
Portraits of Reconciliation
Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the history of the world. Translate the UDHR into "American". Make a rap/teen/internet language translation of the UDHR preamble and any ten articles.
Wednesday Human Rights
If the World Were 100 People
Human Rights Scenarios

Thursday Human Rights and Poverty
Poverty Facts
Why are some countries rich?

Poverty Links
Poverty Videos
The Material Gap
The Singer Solution to World Poverty
Hopeful News About Poverty
Human Rights Scenarios
Half the world lives on $2 a day.
1-Calculate how much money it costs for you to live each day.
(Include rough estimates of the cost of education, housing, food, clothing, health care, insurance, transportation.)

2-List five things you would have to give up to live on only $2 a day.

Bring your answers to class and be prepared to share.

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Human Rights Project due for Final Exam

Foreign Aid
New 2011 Foreign Aid Numbers

Good Infographic: World Taxes