Human Rights Unit Part ii

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Human Rights Scenarios
The State of the World Atlas
Assign - Human Rights Project -due April 15
Should the US intervene to stop human rights abuses?
Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the history of the world. Translate the UDHR into American. Make a rap translation of the UDHR preamble and any ten articles.
Tuesday Hotel Rwanda
History of Rwanda
Complex definition of genocide
Article: Bystander to Genocide
Browse the following site to learn more about Rwanda
Story of Darfur today
Before we watch the film, Hotel Rwanda, be sure to read at least two of the four sections below
  1. History of Rwanda
  2. Concise definition of genocide
  3. Complex definition of genocide
  4. Article: Bystander to Genocide
Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Hotel Rwanda
List of world's poorest countries

Friday Hotel Rwanda
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