Ideology Project


We are going to learn about political ideology. You may work by yourself or in a group of up to five people.
Choose one of the following ideologies to complete a project on.
Use the textbooks under your classroom desk and the internet to research your ideology.
Focus on how your ideology is expressed in contemporary America.

Anarchism (be careful)

Each team must do all of the following and may divide your work up as you see fit.
You must act like you really believe this ideology!

Make a big poster with a list of at least five of the main beliefs/tenants of your ideology.
Be prepared to explain your major beliefs for about 2 minutes and to answer any questions about your ideology.
Also be prepared to ask hard questions of the other ideologies from the perspective of your ideology.

2-Bumper Sticker/Poster
Make a bumper sticker/poster with a slogan for your ideology. Be creative but accurate.
Put up at least one sticker/poster in a public place on campus and take a picture of it to show as proof.
Bring a copy of your sticker/poster to class.

Be prepared to debate the other groups from the perspective of your ideology on the following topics. Find what your ideology would really believe about these topics:
  • Social issues (same-sex marriage)
  • Economic issues (taxation)
  • Environmental issues (climate change)
Extra Credit Action (counts towards extra credit on test score)
Make a skit, rap, song, or video of a day in the life at UNCSA if our school were actually run by this ideology. (The Pickle Jar under anarchism, the dorms run under libertarianism, the grades in your courses under socialism) You may be creative, but stay true to the ideology.

This will count as a project grade.
You will be graded on accuracy, presentation, creativity, and content.
Each team will receive a score (from 0-100), multiplied by the number of people in your group, and then divided among the team members as your team sees fit. (You may divide the points evenly or distribute them unevenly depending on work-load, effort, looks, wresting ability, or whatever criteria you chose).

Ideology with Cows!