Immigration Debate 10:15

We are going to do a fishbowl debate about immigration in the US. Our conversation will revolve around the USA Dream Act.
Work with a partner to research US immigration and make a post about immigration on the chart below.Every student will be required to make a comment in our fishbowl and write a post-debate letter to the editor about immigration.
There are many other aspects to the immigration debate, and here are a couple of sites to give you more information on the pros and cons of immigration.
Immigration Pro Con
Here's a great series of informational charts on undocumented aliens in the US.
Fact checkImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms - economic cost of immigration
IDEA - birthright immigration
IDEA - Relaxing Immigration Laws
IDEA - Immigration Reform
There are many aspects of immigration that we can touch on in our debate but I'd like us to begin by focusing on the USA DreamImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms Act.
Here is a link to some basic information about the USA Dream Act.

Before we debate, I'd like you to post at least one chart, fact, link, embedded cartoon, video, pictureImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms, chart, graph, post, data, information, or idea in the chart below prior to our fishbowl. The more illuminating, thorough, empathetic, thoughtfulImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms, informative the post, the better our fishbowl and the better your grade.
I've put three posts about the USA Dream Act, you need put only one post on any aspect of immigration in the US.
See my post below and then make your own post below!
ClassImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms Period Name Post
All J-Sizzle
All Sierra Armstrong http://immigrationImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative
10:15 Dayna Hagstedt Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms
10:15 Hope ClaytonImmigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms
10:15 Taylor Ballard 6a00d8341c50bf53ef0120a5528170970b-800wi
10:15 Garret McNally
10:15 Gnay Yar [Untitled]
10:15-11:15 Sam White Immagration
10:15 Bex Nelson Immigration Infographic
10:15 Annie Ewell Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms
10;15 SARAH BRYANT Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classroomspt.1
10:15 Savannah Willis taxes
10:15 Megan Mckelvey Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms
Bridget Leyendecker Immigration Debate 10:15 - Creative Classrooms
10:15 Minto Brown

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