Institutions of Government Jeopardy

100 How many senators are from each state?
200 How many members of the House of Representatives are there?
300 What group reconciles bills from the House and the Senate?
400 List three ways a bill can die in congress?
500 What majority is needed to vote to override a presidential veto?
600 Who is the Speaker of the House and what barrier did they break?
700 What is the selection of committee chair usually based upon?

100 How long can the president serve?
200 Who was the longest serving president?
300 What is an executive order?
400 What constitutional amendment enacted presidential term limits?
500 Name three positions the president can appoint:
600 What is a lame duck?
700 How can the coattail effect help congressional candidates?

100 How many members of the Supreme Court are there?
200 How many justices does it take to bring a case to the Supreme Court?
300 What is a writ of certiorari?
400 Who does the Constitution give the power to set up the US federal Courts?
500 What is an amicus curiae brief?
600 What are three core beliefs of judicial conservatives?
700 How many federal court circuits are there?

100 Who is the secretary of state?
200 Who is the president’s chief of staff?
300 Who is the Senate Majority Leader?
400 Who is the House Minority Leader?
500 Who is the Supreme Court Chief Justice?
600 Who is the president pro tempore of the Senate?
700 Who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board?

Court Cases
100 What case guarantees a lawyer for the defendant?
200 According to this case, what amendment guarantees a lawyer for a defendant?
300 What precedent and what case did Brown versus Board overturn?
400 What rule was established in Mapp v Ohio?
500 What would a judicial activist say about the right to privacy?
600 What court case set the precedent for Roe Versus Wade?
700 What clause of the 1st Amendment was the basis for the ruling in Engel v Vitale?

100 What are the four departments in the inner cabinet?
200 What are two examples of government corporations?
300 What is the most recently established department of the US bureaucracy?
400 What are three forms of congressional oversight of the bureaucracy?
500 What are three provisions of the HATCH act of 1993?
600 Who are the consumers in an iron triangle?
700 What is devolution?

Final jeopardy
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Daily Doubles are in bold

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