Judiciary Part ii

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Supreme Court Terms
C-SPAN Virtual Tour of Supreme Court
PBS Supreme Court site
Supreme Court Short Visit Video

Supreme Court Interactive Game

Which justices vote together most of the time?

Supreme Court may soon lack Protestant Justices
Make pretty pictures of How The Federal Courts Work
An indictment
Judicial Retirement
New Jersey versus TLO

Tuesday No Class

Thursday No Class

Friday Judicial Selection
Judicial Philosophy
Recess Appointment
What if the Supreme Court followed Originalism
The Supreme Court and Business
Test Review for Bureaucracy and Judiciary

Read and print out Our Fill In The Blank Constitution by Geoffrey R. Stone, Professor of Law at the University of Chicago who argues that we've been misled about the true definition of judicial activism. He claims that all justices are activists, just in different directions. One group wants to expand the rights of the weak and the minority, and one wants to maintain the rights of the powerful and the majority.

Underline the parts of the editorial you agree with and cross through the parts you disagree with.
On the back of the editorial write a one paragraph concurring or dissenting opinion about the article.
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Spring Schedule
Test on Bureaucracy and Judiciary Tuesday, March 26.
Landmark Supreme Court Case Project due Thursday, March 28.

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