Learning Lab

It's time to reflect upon on what we've learned so far this term...

We are going to build a class blog, website, or wiki about what we've learned.

Chose one of the following roles:
Design and Technology Master (only one per class)– Create, design, and edit our class site, You are in charge of the front page which must include an overview of the topic and include at least 50 words of text, 2 videos, and 2 pictures.
Researchers find information on their topic to put on the wiki, including: text, audio, photographs, video, and web links.
Research Team 1 – State of Nature/Political Philosophy/Social Contract
Research Team 2 – Democracy
Research Team 3 – Social Capital
Research Team 4 – Diversity/Political Landscape
Research Team 5 - Anything we covered that has not been included so far

Design Masters put a link to your class page on the following times
10:15 class page
11:20 class page
2:35 class page

This is due on November 5

Here are your writing guidelines and here is a link to the grading rubric I will use to evaluate your team page
  • Write in 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Put your TOPIC at the TOP of your page
  • Put your NAMES at the BOTTOM of your page
  • Your page should include at minimum:
  • 358 words of text
  • 3 photographs, pictures, maps, graphs, or charts
  • 2 videos/audio
  • 4 links
  • Cite and credit all your sources and work that you import to your wiki.
  • Add a poll people can take regarding your topic
Good Luck!

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