Letter of Recommendation

If I am completing a hard copy Letter of Recommendation return this form in a manila envelope or file folder with your name and the first due date on it.
Include all completed applications & envelopes with full addresses & postage.
If I am completing ONLY an online Letter of Recommendation you may simply email me all the information below.


Phone number

e-mail address

University Due Date




I require at least 30 days to complete all letters of recommendation.


This is the most important part of the letter of recommendation. Tell me a story about an extraordinary thing you have done (volunteered in Haiti, Gold Award project, tutoring) Attach a sheet if you prefer.

FACTS Tell me as many specific facts & dates about yourself as possible or supply a resume if you prefer.
Clubs (Ladies in Arts)

Academic Achievements (National Honor Society)

Arts (Youth symphony, Summer program at LINES)

Sports (Jai alai Olympian)

Extra-Curricular activities (student body president, Crew)

Volunteer work (saved a whale, soup kitchen volunteer, stopped climate change)

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