Life, Liberty, Property, Equality Test Review Sheet

Your test will focus on chapter 16-Civil Rights. Reread the chapter, any articles from the wiki or class, look over class notes, define all the key terms at the end of each chapter, read any assigned handouts or readings, and take any tests in the textbook at the end of the chapter and at the end of the book. Respec!

Read: The Story Behind Lawrence v Texas. It will be on the test.

Read A Lawsuit's Unusual Question: Who Is A Man? It will be on the test.

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Answer the following questions
1. What clause of the constitution has the Congress used to regulate discrimination?
2. What were some ways that whites subordinated Black political power after the civil war?
3. What laws did Congress pass to regulate discrimination?
4. Describe some Supreme Court rulings that help expand the rights of those accused of crimes:
5. Can laws change opinion and behavior?
6. Discuss the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of results.
7. In what way does the Constitution regulate equality?
8. Evaluate the legality of affirmative action y explaining recent Supreme Court rulings regarding affirmative action.
9. What exceptions are there to the general rule against warrantless searches?
10. Explain how the federal government has expanded power regarding civil rights throughout the 20th century.

Identify the following
1. Poll tax
2. Commerce Clause
3. Jim Crow laws
4. Segregation
5. Civil rights act of 1964 (Titles II & VII)
6. Executive privilege
7. Interstate commerce clause
8. Due Process
9. Fifth Amendment
10. 1968 Fair Housing Act
11. EEOC
12. Immigration reform and control act of 1986
13. Eminent domain
14. 14th Amendment
15. 15th Amendment
16. Equality of opportunity
17. Equality of results
18. Affirmative action
19. Rights of a person accused of a crime
20. Civil rights movement
21. Equal protection clause
22. Privacy rights
23. Regulatory taking
24. Miranda rights
25. Habeas corpus
26. Separate but equal
27. Bill of attainder
28. Dual citizenship
29. Exclusionary rule
30. Restrictive covenants
31. Double jeopardy
32. Majority-minority districts
33. Jah rule!

Landmark Supreme Court Cases
University of California Regents v Bakke

Plessy v Ferguson

Brown v Board of Education of Topeka

Miranda v Arizona

Heart of Atlanta Motel v U.S.

Swan v Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board

Roe v Wade

Gideon v Wainwright

Mapp v Ohio

Lawrence v Texas

Terry v Ohio

Grutter v Bollinger

Also be sure to know any Landmark Supreme Court cases we have discussed in class or presented that are not listed above.

Free Response Questions
1. Describe and analyze the expanding roll of the government in combating discrimination and expanding economic equality.

2. Describe & analyze how the Constitution protects our property & privacy rights.

3. Identify three Supreme Court cases and explain how they have expanded privacy rights.

4. Describe and analyze the expanding roll of the government in combating discrimination and expanding economic equality.

5. Describe the state of our Fourth Amendment rights since 9/11.

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