If you want some answers to your questions about the current financial crisis you ought to check out the Freakonomics blog.

Here's a video from the National Poplar Vote Plan called Make all the states purple.

Here is a link to the article about hemlines and economic crisis. Also, Check out the latest electoral vote #s.

World News in Somali

And what's all this trash floating out in the Pacific that is twice the size of Texas? Does the trash island get two senators?

And here is a cool map of the 2004 election, divided up by counties (Red=Bush, Blue=Kerry) Check it out.

Check out the map of freedom.

And here is a link to the historical maps of freedom from 1902-1997.

And check out the National Priorities Project cost of war counter.

Who won the first 2008 presidential debate?

How did Sarah Palin do in her Katie Couric interview? See for yourself.

Who will win the presidential election?

Here is Louis Menand's article The Unpolitical Animal.

Oh, and here's the funny don't vote video, Watch it and send it to five friends, yo!
Yo! Yo! Here's the cool 2004 election results guide to help you with youfigure out how people vote!

And here is the Robert Kennedy Jr. article from Rolling Stone Magazine about the 2004 election and Ohio. Enjoy!

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