Media Project

Chose ONE from the following menu of options:


Make a media infographic about the media.
Here’s a great free site to help you make infographics:
Here’s a great guide from the Guardian on how to make your own infographics
Work on this alone or in a team of up to 3.


2)Digital Cleanse

De-degitize for 2 days and write your experiences in a journal (15 minutes a day minimum) as you go. Turn in your journal to me, share three of the most interesting insights from your journal with class, explain to us how this experience affected you, and how you intend to react to this experience. Share this with us in person. Work on this alone.


3)Document your digital life

Document your digital life for three days and write your experiences in a journal (15 minutes a day minimum) as you go. Document the impact of the media on your days in video, blog, v-blog, audio, Prezi, photographs, or some other creative format. Share this with the class in person. Work on this alone or in pairs.

Your project is due on 11/7 at the beginning of class.

If you have something to post for your media project, please post it on your class media project site page below.

Here's what the amazing Kirsten Kitchens did in 2013

2014 9:05 Advanced Civics
2014 10:15 Civics
2014 11:20 Civics

2013 9:05 Advanced Civics Class
2013 11:20 Civics and Twerking Class

Here's some projects from the past...
2010-2011 C & E 10:15 class
2010-2011 C & E 11:20 class
2010-2011 Advanced C & E 2:35 class

2011 Civics Morning Class

2011 Advanced Civics Afternoon Class

Here is a link to a video from 2012

Here is a video from 2010