Minor Parties

Work in teams of up to TWO to fill in this chart for any National American minor (third) party that is NOT already on this chart. See my example below!

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Leader(s)Platform (major beliefs)Video (this is optional)Why don't they win elections?Your name
Green Party USA Cynthia McKinneyGreen Party Platform
They have no money, they appeal to the far left, we have a two party system, and the democratic party co-opts most of their supporters. Milnizzle FoShizzle
The Light Party
Da Vid, M.D.The Light Party Platform:
1) Project Health (for all of nature)
2) Comprehensive Global Economic & Tax Reform
3) A Return to the Gold Standard
4) Comprehensive Tax Reform
5) Project Light (pure energy systems)
6) Project Peace (restructure war economy to peace economy)
7) Artainment Global Family Television Network
8) Create a Global Peace Center
9) A National Initiative for Democracy
Appeal only to the far left, do not have good advertising techniques, are not well known, they're a bunch of hippies, don't have many connections or money, obviously affiliated with major drug use, only has 1,500 members, incredibly spiritual in natureJanae Bonnen, Sara Roberts
The Libertarian Party
Ron Paul, Geoffrey Neale1. Control over own life and body (pro-choice, advocates same-sex marriage)
2. Personal Liberty
3. Economic Liberty (free market)
4. Non-interventionist military policy
5. Personal privacy
6. Regulate pollution
7. Repeal of income tax
8. Privatize education
9. Free market health care
10. Abolition of Environmental Protection Agency
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O1aZZ8t_XI&list=PLF98CE5E594E7BCF0Libertarian ideas only appeal to a narrow group of people because they are often too radical for the general public. Most libertarians are unwilling to compromise on their beliefs.Abster905 and SchmidtySchmidt
The US Pacifist Party

Bradford Lyttle1. Opposition of all war unrelated to national defense
2. Global solar power system + taxation of destructive/polluting industries
3. Supportive of abortion as well as funding of alternatives
4. Unrestricted immigration - military spending should be shifted to education and healthcare to pay for this
5. Government paid minimum wage through negative income tax
6. Limitation of campaign spending
7. Ban on manufacture, selling, and ownership of handguns/assault weapons
8. Anti-torture/death penalty
9. Pro-single-payer national healthcare system
10. Democratic one-person = one-vote world system is best government

Bradford Lyttle may be seen here advocating for the party's platform in a 2008 Third Party Alternative Presidential Debate.
The main reason the US Pacifist Party has been unable to find success is their zero tolerance policy in regard to the military. Most citizens see national security as an essential role of government; the Pacifist Party couldn't disagree more. They see it as an unnecessary evil that is often used for world policing and intimidation instead of defense.Buster (Keaton)
American Nazi PartyGeorge Lincoln Rockwell1. A White America
2. White world solidarity
3. A new social order
4. An honest economy
5. White self defense
6. Government by leaders
7.A spiritual rebirth
8. An Aryan culture
9. A Healthy environment
10. A better race
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgq03ZDapLIThe majority of America is against their doctrine, and so no one supports them.Mariah Reives and Joyner Horn
Justice PartyRocky Anderson


Jonathon Ruga
1. Social Justice
2. Economic Justice
3. Environmental Justice
4. Seek solution through the public
5. Advocate Human Rights
6. Equal application of the law
7. Strong focus on academics
8. Affordable and high-quality healthcare.
9. Have no poverty and a thriving middle class.
10. Strong focus on cleaning up the environment and eliminate all human caused destruction to the environment.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SCCxdwh0tcThey don't win elections due to their lack of media ackknowledge and also the lack of financial funds. They have similar wants that the public shares but they don't have the funds to compete with the two main parties and they can't get the word out about their mission and the ideas that they have and the changes they want to make.David Lindsay
Reynolds Duck
Prohibition PartyChairman Toby DavisorExecutive Secretary James Hedges.1. smaller army, but offensive and defensive
2. abolish the Federal Reserve System, Congress coins all money
3. smaller federal government
4. want a balanced budget and less taxation
5. oppose federally given healthcare
6. oppose abortion and euthanasia
7. oppose same-sex marriage
8. want to privatize education
9. want to ban alcohol or impose a tax upon it, as well as ban any drug not monitored by the FDA (and only then for medical purposes only)
10. military mindset of non-interventionism

"Character, Hope, and Tradition"
1. A majority of Americans don't want to ban alcohol or impose a tax on it.
2. There is big business with the producing of alcohol and corporations won't want to shut down the booming business.
3. This party has little money.
4. They appeal to the far right as many views are extremely traditionalist.
(Olivia and Maddie)
Communist Party USA

Sam Webb, chairman

Gus Hall, general secretary
1) promotes democratic centralism
2)$12 per hour minims wage for all persons
3) Universal health care
4) Increased taxes on wealthy people and corporations
5) Unemployments and job insecurity are the result of a capitalist economy
6) Opposition to military involvement
7)Equal rights for women and minorities
8) Participates in environmental movements and other progressive campaigns
9) No emphasis on religion, but supports justice, peace, and cooperation
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1He7WjvYEcMany people are too egotistical and selfish, they do not want to sacrifice things for the "common good". We want to earn and keep our own money. Has a bad rep from the red scare/ Cold War and countries like North KoreaHannah Davis
Wiwi Healy
Modern Whig PartyAndrew Evans
  • Fiscal – Empower the states with the resources to handle their unique affairs.
  • Energy Independence – Reduce dependence on foreign oil by developing practical sources of alternative energy.
  • States' Rights - Each state can determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs."
  • Social Progression - Government should refrain from legislating morality.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA-UW12gGAUThey lean too far to the right on some issues, so democrats don't support them, and they lean too far to the left on some issues, so republicans don't support them.Andrew Hollinger
Chris Kilgore
Working Families Party
Sean Patrick Maloney, Ken ZalewskiMajor Platforms/ Beliefs:
(The WFP is centered in New York)
-Paid sick days and Paid family leave for workers
-More affordable housing for all
-green houses, green jobs, green buildings, and more environmental awareness
-clean elections without money or intense campaigning involved
-giving every child an equal opportunity to a good education
-equal rights for all on social issues such as same-sex marriage
-healthcare for everyone
-More funding for public transportation
-Honoring service men during and after their times of service
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24m1PZ9iZoYThe Working Families party tends to lean farther on the Democratic side in most political and social issues, therefore they get little to no support from Republicans. Additionally, they are not very well known and most Working Family Party candidates classify themselves as Democratic for elections for more votes.Kayla Rice-Bowl and Clairizzle from da hood
Peace and Freedom PartyEldridge Cleaver, Roseanne Barr-socialism
-racial equality
-anti war
-labor and full employment
-equal rights
-ending immigration equality
-pro same sex marriage