Minor Parties AP Afternoon

Work in teams of up to three to fill in this chart for any National American minor (third) party that is NOT already on this chart. See my example below!
Party and Link
Leader(s) Platform (major beliefs) Video (this is optional) Why don't they win elections? Your name
Green Party USA Cynthia McKinney Green Party Platform1. GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY
They have no money, they appeal to the far left, we have a two party system, and the democratic party co-opts most of their supporters. Milnizzle FoShizzle
Kelly Gneiting 1. Believe in loyalty to the Judeo-Christian god
2. Believe in traditional Christian family values.
3. Believe in loyalty to the State.
4. Believe in unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.
5. Believe in no Federal standards for education.
6. Believe in free-market, little regulation, low taxes, and that the Federal Government should have no debt.
7. Believe that Federal government should not be involved in anything not explicitly stated in the Constitution.
8. Federal government should not regulate the environment.
9. Believe that the Constitution was written by men receiving instructions from God, for a moral and religious people.
10. Federal government should be limited to the Constitution.
11. Military should be large and strong, and the U.S. should not be in any alliances or international organization.
12. U.S. must remain independent, and not be involved in any international organizations or agreements.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uPMmvPfh6E&list=UUQDgKawL758QdUkAPNYxagg&spfreload=10 Because they are right-wing extremists, even when compared to the Tea-Party, which is a Herculean feat that surpasses the bounds of pure reason. Gehrig, Ethan, Dayton, Buckminster Fuller
American Nazi Party Rocky Suhayda Aryan Republic State
White Power
Only people of European descent can be in America
Economic Socialism
Social Fascism
Totalitarian Regime
Get non-whites out of government
They are Nazis.
They are insane.
They haven't had a candidate run since 1967, and he was murdered.
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." -The 14 Words
"Join the ranks of your ancestors who forged this land from a wilderness teeming with savages, and to keep it from returning to that state, we urge you to become involved. For your children's sake, if not for your own. For White WORKER Power!
Jacob McCall

Don't go on the website.
Communist Party USA (CPUSA) Sam Webb Free universal healthcareElimination of the federal income tax on people earning under $60,000 a year
Free college education
Drastic cuts in military spending
Public works programs (gov't projectsfor recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the community.Includes: municipal buildings, schools,railroads, bridges, pipelines, canals, public squares, parks, beaches, water supply sewage, electrical grid, and dams)
The outlawing of "scabs and union busting,"
Abolition of corporate monopolies
Public ownership of energy and basic industries
Huge tax hikes for corporations and the wealthy
With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the CPUSA lost their funds from the Soviets, and their activities came to an abrupt halt. They became unpopular among US citizens because of their affiliation with the Soviet Union and their strong Marxist ideology. The party has evolved and adopted a platform of democratic socialism and trade unionism. In major elections, they encourage their followers to support the democratic candidates in order to thwart conservatives. Charlotte Keefe & Gracie Mahaffey
Peace and Freedom Party Rosanne Barr Left-wing party
Labor and Full Employment
Peace and International Justice
Equal Rights and Liberties
Women's rights
Ending Racism
Language rights
Undocumented workers
Native American Rights
Gay rights
Disabled rights
Preservation of the environment
Free public education for all
Strict separation of church and state
Debt cancellation
End corporate personhood
Internet and electronic freedom
repeal sales tax
eliminate or reverse income tax on low/moderate income families
Eliminate electoral college
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XHK4v9C-eM They are very left on the political spectrum. The views that they hold are very specific and extreme. They are not very well known. Their president identifies as LGBT which could be a turn off to many of the close minded people who live in America today. Henson Milam
The Light Party Da Vid Synergistic 7 Point Platform:
1.) Project Health
2.)Eco-nomic Reform
3.)Project Peace
4.)Project Light
5.) Artainment
6.) Global Peace Center
7.)National Initiative for Democracy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs7wKt1cYtc&feature=PlayList&p=5FEBAE059E5CCD45&index=13 -Lack of funding-Winner-take-all format of the electoral college
-They express strong views on controversial topics such astax reform, campaign finance reform, decriminalization of drugs, and nuclear disarmament.

-They're a little offbeat and support turning Alcatraz into a "Global Peace Center" aka a "Jewel of Light", they "will unleash powerful forces of cooperation, reconciliation and healingä."

-Their website is as a little difficult to take seriously because it looks like something out of an Austin Powers film.
Gracey Falk and Caroline Attayek
Socialist Equality Party Leon Trotsky -build a working-class labor party in the US affiliated with the International Committee of the Fourth International (the global Trotskyist umbrella network)
-campaign is an opportunity to "present a socialist alternative to the demagogy and lies of the establishment parties and the mass media."

-everyone has basic social rightsnecessary for life in a complex modern society-demand that everyone have access to a job with a livable income-health care and education must be provided as a social right-Young people have the right to a future-demand the abolition of student debt-call for the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from wherever they are stationed abroad-end to the drive by the ruling class to restructure the world in its interests-defense of democratic rights-abolition of the police-state infrastructure built up under both Bush and Obama.
Social Equality Party Candidate They are very harsh on current, mainstream political parties. Their main controversial stance is on foreign affairs. They believe that all troops should be withdrawn from wherever they are stationed around the world. Most more conservative Americans would disagree with this and be hesitant to vote for this party. Meredith Lipson and Siena Werber
Modern Whig Party Michael Burger - strong military and national defense
- energy independence
- increased funding for science and education
- increased spending for veterans and their families
- oppose legislating morality
- bold social progression
- appeals to both left and right wing
- separation of church and state
- health care available to all citizens
YouTube This party appeals to both the left and right. Although they appeal to both sides, a majority of their beliefs are shared with democrats.They believe in the separation of church and state which most conservatives would support. This party believes health care should be available, portable, and affordable for all citizens and conservatives/republicans do not support a nationalized health care. Generally, the votes of their supporters would go towards the democratic party. Kourtnee and Katharine
United States Marijauna Party Loretta Nall - end the war on drugs
- legalize cannabis
- associated with the far-left wing
- civil libertarianism
YouTube Aside from the fact that this party is underfunded and underrepresented, conservatives and liberals alike are on the fence about topics such as marijuana use. The majority of the voting population grew up with the belief that marijuana use was something not to be involved with, therefore they may not be highly educated about it or likely to support it. Sausage
Bradford Lyttle They believe that nonviolent resistance, as developed by Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, and massive economic aid programs to eliminate poverty worldwide, are appropriate and effective ways to resist aggression and tyranny.
2008 Platform: -Ending of private logging, grazing, and oil drilling on public lands -Deactivation of all nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons -Reduction of the military budget toward zero -Support for one-person-one-vote democratic world government -Unrestricted immigration. Health and educations needs of immigrants would be paid for from the hundreds of millions of dollars saved by shutting down the military “defense” system -Abolition of the death penalty -Support for a Constitutional amendment banning discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation -Limitation of campaign spending. Establishment of fair and open ballot access laws. Establishment of public campaign financing and provision of equal access to public television and radio for all ballot-certified candidates.

They do not win because they want to cut almost all military spending and decrease the corruption in campaigns. They are too far left to reach the moderates. Duffy, Kate
Alaskan Independence Party Lynette Clark The Alaskan Independence party supports, as its name suggests, independence for Alaska as its own country. It is also a proponent of political positions similar to those of extreme right-wing groups, such as small federal government, privatized economy, and gun rights.
Party PlatformandFrequently Asked Questions

Since the main issue of the Alaskan Independence Party platform is significant only to Alaskans, it is difficult for it to achieve support outside of Alaska.Grace Gelpi
Canary Party Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson -cause of epidemic of childhood diseases such as autism is deterioration of living conditions
-right to choose or refuse medical help
-full access to health care
-full disclosure about effects on health
-government free from commercial interests(pharmaceutical companies)
-provide for disabled
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51MNBAY0wbw Relatively new this party has yet to establish itself, however with it's focus being solely on health issues and does not attack other major issues that we want a government to address it is not likely to go far. Also this party takes on a slightly confrontational tone blaming the government for being in the pocket of the big businesses which would offend the major donors that run elections. Suzanna Haydt
Unity Party of America Bill Hammons -"Not right, not left, but forward."
-Supports Balanced Budget Amendment
-full health care tax deduction for those forced to pay their own heatlh coverage
-term limits of two years for US Senators and four years for US Representatives
-outlawing gerrymandering
-appointing retired judges to oversee legislative districts

Has only established itself in 34 states. As an independent political party, it lacks recognition . People criticize their simplification of the federal US tax code, which is not completely based on flat tax. McClain Miles

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