Mountains Beyond Mountains Part II Discussion Questions

Mountains Beyond Mountains
Part II - The Tin Roofs of Cange

Discussion Questions

What childhood story best explains Paul Farmer?

Describe Cange and try to explain why Paul Farmer liked it.

On pp. 85-86, the Tracy Kidder quotes Paul Farmer. “I also have faith in penicillin, rafampin, isoniazid, bench science, clinical trials, scientific progress…that the rich oppress the poor, that wealth is flowing in the wrong direction…So if I had to choose between…any ology, I would go with science as long as service to the poor went along with it. But I don’t have to make that choice, do I?”
What does Farmer mean?

On page 90, the author writes about Paul Farmer. “The first microscope in Cange was a real one, which he stole from Harvard Medical School.”
Is Paul’s theft ethical? What would you do in a similar situation?

Who is Tom White and what’s his relationship to Farmer?

Describe the work PIH has done by 1993? What is their trajectory at that point?

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