Mountains Beyond Mountains Project

Mountains Beyond Mountains Project
Work in a team of up to three and complete one of the following projects. Feel free to assign yourself your own creative project. Run your idea past me for approval. This is due on 2/25.

1. Host a talk show. Come up with a set of ten questions to ask Paul farmer about poverty, global health, history of Haiti, rich and poor, globalization. Have a student play the part of Paul farmer and answer the questions as he actually would. Have a student take a position politically opposite of Paul farmer and answer the same questions. You may record and play your talk show or you may perform it live in class.

2. Make a graphic novel of the section of the book that you think is most important in telling the story of Paul Farmer and PIH. Your novel should have at least 20 squares.

3. Music. After reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, figure out how you would divide
up the book into sections. Then select a piece of music that you think captures the feel or tone of
each section. Record the pieces and if possible do voice-overs explaining what is happening in the book during the piece of music and why you felt this piece of music fit the section of the book.

18. E-mail chain. Create an e-mail exchange between a Paul and Ophelia describing what it was like to be in Haiti after the earthquake. Make sure he accurately describes how the quake effected Haiti. The exchange should include facts and descriptions of Haiti and questions that they ask each other about how PIH can be involved in rebuilding Haiti. There should be a total of at least ten e-mails of significant length.

19. Create an award for Paul Farmer . Write a speech introducing Dr. Farmer and explaining what the award is for and why he has won it. The speech must be at least three minutes long. You can record it or give it to class.

34. Found poems. Select a chapter from Mountains Beyond Mountains that you consider powerful or interesting. Then select words, lines, and phrases that you think project
strong images and show the impact the chapter makes. Arrange this material into a poem. The following example comes from Chapter Twenty in Spite Fences by Trudy Krisher (1994, Delacorte):
Violence at the Lunch
Counter Sit-in
Fist slammed into George
Hardy’s face
Glasses slid to his chin
Shattered into a spider’s web.
River of red blood
Running from his nose.
It was the red color of the fence
The red color of the earth
on which I stood
It was red
The color of my life this summer
The color of Kinship.

88. Graffiti. Make a Montains Beyond Mountains tag on the graffiti wall.

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