Political Landscape Part ii

Assignment Due
Monday Ideology Project day
Nationalize it
Ideology Project

Tuesday Ideology Project Day 2Watch The Moral Mind - there will be a question or two about this video on our next test.
Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Bowling Alone Data
Here's some social capital charts that will make your blood boil.
Social Capital Project -due 10/8 (after fall break)
Read Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone article
Write down three questions you'd like to ask Robert Putnam.
Friday Building Social Capital
Here's a list of 150 ways to increase social capital
Building Social Capital
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Next Week's Schedule
Fall Schedule

Fall break next Monday and Tuesday 106 and 10/7
Social Capital Project next Wednesday 10/8
Diversity due next Thursday 10/9
Unit 2 Test next Friday 10/10