Political Process Project

Tell us a story about how the political process works.

Teams of up to 4
should use their knowledge of politics, our textbook, and any outside readings and websites such as Open Secrets or
Common Cause to construct a beautiful chart/graphic organizer/display, video, Powerpoint, skit, or some other creative expression examining and explaining the political process.

Your project should focus on one mechanism that you think is central to the political process. In other words, your story should revolve around one theme: voters, the media, politicians, elections, or money. You decide.

Your project should include at least half of the following terms
  1. Politicians
  2. Media
  3. Voters
  4. Interest groups
  5. Elections
  6. Bundling
  7. Mass mailings
  8. Public Opinion Polls
  9. Parties
  10. Lobbyists
  11. PACs
  12. Political Socialization
  13. Issue ads
  14. Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002
  15. Protest
  16. Electoral College
  17. Selective Exposure
  18. Media
  19. FEC
  20. Lipstick on a Pig
  21. Low levels of trust in the government
  22. Mass Movements
  23. Citizens United
  24. Politicians
  25. Candidate Appeal
  26. Party Identification
  27. Presidential Debates
  28. Horse Race Journalism
  29. Low Voter Turnout
  30. Faction
  31. Attentive Public
  32. Safe Seat
  33. Push Polling
  34. Hard money
  35. Litigation
  36. Turnout
  37. Pluralism
  38. Independent Expenditure
  39. Campaign contributions
  40. Publicity
  41. Money
  42. Votes
  43. National Party Convention
  44. Campaigns
  45. Policy
Get specific
As you tell your story, your project should specifically focus on the activities of actual politicians, interest groups, media, elections, and interest groups. The more actual policy, numbers of money spent, real interest groups, the better your project.

For example, you could use one of the major interest groups listed below and the amount of money they've spent:
Your project should be shown/performed and explained in class. It will be graded on creativity and accuracy.

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