Political Process Unit

Assignment Due
Monday By MONDAY: Make a post for our Fishbowl on Immigration.

By TUESDAY: instead of writing an editorial, teams of 2 to 3 will make an infographic (digital or poster) about immigration.

Tuesday Dead Man Walking
Death Penalty Editorial

Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday Where's George?
Interactive $100Bill

Money in Politics Big Picture
The Richest 400 Americans
Lester Land

Political Parties Overview
Major US Political Parties Chart
Who are the Republicans?
Who are the Democrats?
Party affiliation

Learn about the history of US political parties
Political Party Quiz
Minor Parties
270 to Win
Capital Punishment Editorial
Friday how do we vote?
Expanding Franchise
Minor Parties
Realigning Elections

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Fall Schedule

test 3 review sheet (you don't have to turn this in).

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